Hydrangea Sterilis

A dependable hydrangea that tolerates more sun than most of this type. Sterilis is an attractive native shrub with 6″ round white flowers.

Can adapt to a variety of soil conditions, but might appreciate a watering during heavy drought.

Hydrangea ‘Pink Diamond’

One of the most winter hardy hydrangeas, Pink Diamond thrives in our area. A large shrub with good branching form. Pretty white 6-8″ flowers begin mid-summer. Flowers turn pink in the fall and dry papery tan on the bush.

Tolerates heavy pruning so you can shape or size it to your preference.

Rudbeckia ‘Herbstonne’

And impressively massive Black-Eyed Susan, towering at 6-7′. Grow some privacy with loads of bright showy color.

Tolerant of many types of soil and it can take the heat. Perfect for a sunny spot in the back of the yard. A carefree plant. Grows quickly on large sturdy stems that rarely need staking.

White Raspberry

Grow your own raspberries! This variety is pinkish white and lightly sweet.

WARNING! This plant is invasive. Spreads by underground runners that will keep going and going. Could be tamed, contained in a raised bed, among a grassy area that can be mowed. Perfect for a country or farm setting where a food biome is desired.

Garden Chives

Chives are a beautiful addition to any vegetable garden. Can also be used in the landscape. Has pretty pink flowers to look forward to every May. And of course, it’s delicious and healthy!

Seriously hardy, I’ve had mine for 16 years. I’ve split it and moved it many times. You can’t hurt this plant. Given room to roam, will reseed nicely. It’s not terribly invasive, but you might find it sprouting up in odd places.

Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’

Coral bells are a favorite of the shade garden. Its mounding growth habit and rich purple foliage are sure to catch the eye. Tolerates more sun than most Heuchera, though would prefer afternoon shade.

A strong reliable grower in this region.

Chelone ‘Hot Lips’

Also known as ‘Turtlehead’, Chelone is a sturdy, late flowering perennial that will perk up the garden when many flowers are done blooming. Fits nicely in tight spaces where a little something is missing.

Thrives in rich, moist soil and light shade; however, it is remarkably tolerant of dry conditions.

Hydrangea ‘Unique’

Unique bears 8″ white cone-shaped panicle flowers that fade to pinkish white.

A large showy shrub that will stand out in your landscape.

A tough, cold-hardy shrub that grows on a sturdy branching foundation.

Hydrangea ‘Hills of Snow’

A native Hydrangea, similar to Annabelle with 6-8″ creamy white flowers. With stronger stems, it’s not as likely to flop under the weight of its flowers.

A beautiful addition to any landscape as an accent plant or for use in a hedge or shrub border. Fits nicely against the house under a window.

Appreciates some afternoon shade.

Hydrangea ‘Summer Beauty’

Ever wonder why your hydrangeas never bloom? They set flowers in fall and have to survive the winter. Spring frost easily kills the buds. If the plant dies back each year, it can never bloom.

Meet ‘All Summer Beauty’. It sets its 4-6″ flowers on new growth. That means flowers every year. Make sure it’s watered during hot summer droughts.

Flowers pink in neutral soil, and blue in acid soil. Feed it with soil acidifier to ensure blue flowers.