2015 June Sale

Huge Plant Sale

Friday & Saturday June 26-27

Open 9am to 4pm

Our little nursery is full again, we have a ton of one gallon plants for just $5 dollars! We have a couple types of Hydrangea including ‘Annabelle’ and ‘Pink Diamond’. We have Lilac ‘Miss Kim’, four kinds of Butterfly Bush and four kinds of Ninebark. ‘Royalty’ is my favorite. Dark purple foliage, it’ just gorgeous, and a fast grower.

Let’s see, what else do we have for $5 We have Black Eyed Susan, Red Penstemon, orange red and yellow coneflower, and Coreopsis with streaks of red. I love those. Plus a bunch more!

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ is imporessive at about 6 feet and covered with yellow flowers. AND If youre looking for Ornamental Grass, we kinda went crazy this year with 11 different kinds! We went kinda crazy with the Hosts too. We have 8 types of hosta! Big ones, small ones and quite a few premium varieties. for $5!

If you want to see all the plants we’ll have available this time, I put our availability list here:

So come out and see us this weekend! If you see a plant that you must have, make sure to get here early! At our spring sale last month, everything was pretty much gone by Friday afternoon. I felt so bad! We wouldnt want you to miss out!
Here’s a map to our place:

Directions ( if you hate maps 😀 )

On North Avenue (64) between Main Street (Glen Ellyn Rd) and I-355… Turn South on Glenrise Avenue at the Suburban Tire. Head south, 3 blocks to the southeast corner of Glenrise and 2nd. Google or set your gps to 1N475 Glenrise Ave., Glen Ellyn, IL.

See you soon!
Trish and Jon


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